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1. Stages Format 

  • Stage 1: Single-elimination BO1 (Round of 16 match BO3 to decide who makes it into the next stage) 

  • Stage 2: Round robin 8 teams BO1 (top 4 teams make it to Grand Finals)

  • Grand Finals: Single-elimination BO3 (Final is BO5)

2. Prize Pool Split 

  • The Prize pool will be divided among the teams that reach the final 8.

First place - 18,000 USD

Second place - 10,000 USD

Third place - 5,000 USD

Fourth place - 3,000 USD

Fifth place - 1,000 USD

Sixth place - 1,000 USD

Seventh place - 1,000 USD

Eight place - 1,000 USD


3. Roster 

- A match will only start 5V5, any missing player will cause their team to forfeit.


3.1. Substitute players

  • Each team is allowed to register 2 substitute players, teams are allowed to swap players between each match.

  • Teams are not allowed to swap players after the start of the match. (can be discussed with admins under special circumstances)

3.2. Roster Changes  

  • Teams are allowed to sign free agents (players that currently do not play for another team in the MENA Regional League 2021 during the Open Qualifiers and the MENA Regional League Round Robin stages.

  • Team to team transfers (players moving from one team registered in this tournament to another) are only allowed to happen during Stage 1. (This means in Stage 2 and the Grand Finals players are NOT permitted to switch from one team to another, transfer window is shut)

  • Sponsor changes (teams changing from one sponsor to another) must also follow the same transfer window above. This also includes a sponsor acquiring a team that left their previous sponsor.

  • Teams with no sponsor (current or previous) are allowed to acquire a sponsor in between all stages 1, 2, and Grand Finals. 


  • Transfers may be completed by meeting the following necessary conditions:

  1. Meeting all contractual requirements (if any) agreed among all parties 

  2. Willingness and no objection of the originating organization to transfer (out) the players 

  3. Willingness and no objection of the players to be transferred from and to other organizations. 

  4. Willingness of the receiving organization to transfer (in) the players. 

  5. All parties must be acting in good faith.


4. Matches

  • All participants must “check-in” on our Cyber Sports League Discord to conduct their map veto AT LEAST half an hour before scheduled match time. 

  • Matches cannot be postponed or played at any other time/date other than CSL specified date/times. (special exceptions may be made such as prayer time if a team contacts our admins a minimum of 24 hours before scheduled match time) 

  • Matches will be played between 15:00 to 01:00 GMT+4, specific match time will be provided after the end of the registration deadline. 

  • All matches played before the round of 16 must be played immediately if/when both teams have 5 players (full team)in the lobby. Lobby invites will be sent out to both team captains and each team will have a maximum of 15 minutes to join the lobby (incomplete teams will be disqualified).

  • League matches will no longer end in a draw. Whenever two teams are drawn at 6-6, the match will go to overtime. The winner of the overtime will be awarded 2 points, while the loser will be awarded 1 point.

5. Streaming 

  • The matches that will be streamed include: Stage 1 Round of 16, all matches in Stage 2 Round Robin, all matches in the Grand Finals. These will all be streamed and casted on CSL Official Twitch Channel. Players are not allowed to stream their gameplay, doing so may result in disqualification. 

6. Hardware/software/connection  

  • Each player is responsible for his/her own hardware/software/connection issues during matches. If a team cannot play due to any of these issues, it will count as a forfeit. (this includes understanding how to operate MOSS and other MOSS related issues)

7. Match Server


  • All matches throughout the tournament will be played on EU West servers. The ONLY exception is if both teams agree to play on GCC servers. Please note that if both teams agree on GCC servers in a best of 3 or best of 5, neither team can reverse their decision once a match starts.


 8. Pause/timeout

  • Each team will be given a maximum of 2 pauses/timeouts to use per map.

  • Pauses/timeouts are maximum of 60 seconds each.

  • To use a pause/timeout, a team captain must request it from the admin and can be done so ONLY in the operator selection phase.

9. Emergency Rehost

  • If a player drops/connections issue/technical issues during a match, a team may use one of their pauses to wait for their player to return. If the dropped player/players cannot reconnect an emergency rehost can be considered based on admin discretion.  

  • Players/teams are no longer allowed to request a rehost. (admins' decision based on the situation)

  • Emergency rehost time: 10 minutes

  • Emergency rehosts are possible up to 30 seconds in the action phase if no player was killed.


10. List of eligible countries

  • Players should be residing in one of the following countries in order to participate in the League. 


  • Algeria

  • Bahrain 

  • Egypt

  • Iraq 

  • Jordan

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

  • Kuwait

  • Lebanon

  • Morocco 

  • Oman

  • Palestine

  • Qatar

  • Tunisia

  • United Arab Emirates 


11. Game settings

  • Matches will be played as per the following settings:


11.1. Settings

Playlist Type: Normal Mode

Server Type: Dedicated Server

Voice Chat: Team Only

Time of the Day: Day

HUD Settings: Pro League


11.2. Match settings

Number of Bans: 4

Ban Timer: 30

Number of Rounds: 12

Attacker/Defender role swap: 6

Overtime: 3 Rounds

Overtime score difference: 2

Overtime role change: 1

Objective Rotation Parameter: 2

Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played

Attacker unique spawn: On

Pick Phase Timer: 15

6TH Pick Phase: On

6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15

Damage handicap: 100

Friendly fire damage: 100

Injured: 20

Sprint: On

Lean: On

Death Replay: Off


11.3. Game Mode: TDM BOMB

Plant duration: 7

Defuse duration: 7

Fuse time: 45

Defuse Carrier Selection: On

Preparation Phase Duration: 45

Action Phase Duration: 180


11.4. Operators

  • With the release of Operation Crystal Guard, and High Calibre, Osa, and Thorn are not allowed to be played.

  • All other operators are allowed. (Subject to change based on new season/updates in rules)

11.5. Uniforms

  • Players are only permitted to use default uniforms for all operators. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit of the round/map.

  • Players that notice another team/player using skins can take and send us screenshots of said skins. However, if the reported screenshot has been altered/fabricated, the team/player that sent the report will be disqualified and also be banned from future CSL tournaments.


11.6. Map Pool

  • Bank

  • Chalet

  • Club House

  • Kafe Dostoyevsky

  • Oregon

  • Coastline

  • Villa

12. Map veto

  • A coin flip will determine who bans/picks first and last. Coin flips will be conducted on our Discord.

13. Disqualification 

  • Failing to check-in within the given time frame can and will lead to the disqualification of the team.

13.1. Illegal Actions 

  • Any player with an active Cheating ban by Ubisoft is not allowed to participate in this tournament, any kind of Cheating/Hacking/Glitching will be punished and will lead to a disqualification from the tournament and ban from future CSL tournaments. 

  • Players that use any form of social media to slander the tournament while it is still active can be penalized by prize pool deduction and/or Disqualification from the league.

  • Players that use in-game chat to display unsportsmanlike behavior can lead to a prize pool deduction and/or disqualification from the league for their team. In-game chat should be limited to “glhf” and “gg”.

  • Any unprofessional, or disrespectful actions displayed on player cams or on chat could result in a suspension or ban from the league and future CSL tournaments.

  • These rules serve as guidelines and the CSL Admin team have the right to disqualify or suspend any team/player depending on the situation.


14. Anti-Cheat 

  • All players must use MOSS for the entire duration of the MENA Regional League 2021. 

  • Players are expected to have Moss downloaded and ready before the tournament starts.  

  • MOSS files must remain untouched and unaltered. They must be sent to the CSL admin team exactly the way they are when the match is over. (any attempt to change any detail of a MOSS file will be considered tampering) 

  • Failing to submit MOSS files will lead to a disqualification from the league.

  • CSL admin team have the right to disqualify any player/team that submits a suspicious MOSS file.

15. Tiebreaker

  • In the event where two teams garnered the same amount of points, both team's head-to-head records will be used as the tiebreaker. If the team's head-to-head match was a draw, their round difference score will serve as the new tiebreaker.

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